Gallery MORITZ- Chateau Bilovec

17.9. - 31.10. 2022

Jaroslav Jerry Svoboda

(Prague, Vancouver) expressive painter and symbolist

Michal Janovský

(Česká Lípa) surrealist painter, draftsman and lecturer

Radomír Bárta

(Brno, Sebranice) artistic blacksmith, sculptor and lecturer

Rosana de Montfort

(Bílovec, London) surrealist painter, sculptor, curator

The presentation of these four artists in one exhibition is probably one of the most interesting in the Moravian-Silesian Region, as it is a connection of friends with significant destinies in the art industry. Each of them has erudite exhibitions and international collaboration behind them. Each of them can boast collectors on many continents. Their union is quite unusual in this exciting time when people are largely competing with each other. Without prejudice, under a surreal sky, it tells the story of ourselves.

The project of the Magnus Gradus art group (Svoboda, Bárta, Montfort) will welcome a special guest, Michal Janovský, a leading Czech surrealist, to the exhibition. The exhibition takes place under the patronage of Rosana de Montfort, who founded the Moritz Gallery in the summer of 2020 in cooperation with the Bílovec city administration and the castellan of the Bílovec castle, Eduard Valeš.
The exhibition under the working title "MEETING IN TIME" will thus be proof that people from different regions, genres and art technologies can combine their talents into one cultural experience for the general public even outside the big cities, precisely in Bílovec.

Photography: Lenka Malinová, Tomáš Raška, Eduard Valeš, Dagmar Ultzenová


You all know by now I am a builder too. So it becomes very natural for me to transform any interior space. Because of the new project "ENCOUNTER IN TIME" in the Gallery Moritz, where we welcome some very important colleagues, I have decided to give the gallery a makeover. With a help of several people we have transformed this place from 18th century hall into 21st century exposition space. Local company Denas Color has sponsored not only floor paint, but also man power. The directors of the company came personally to help and apply the treatment and paint. A friend of ours, Petr Pavlík has helped with the building of "THE GATES", a structure made of steel and plasterboard in the middle of the room. My dear husband helped with the electric installation and logistics. And so Gallery MORITZ is ready to dazzle!

Thank you all! XX

"ART SALON 2022"

Gallery Art Mozaika Prague

11.8. -9.9. 2022

Participating with my painting "MY LIVING TREASURE" in a group exhibition and auction organised by the ART MOZAIKA gallery in the heart of Prague, right close to famous Venceslaw Square.



House of Culture Kroměříž

5.8. -30.9. 2022

These lines of mine belong to all of you who came for far awaz in the 40 degrees heat to share the exhibition with me at DK Kroměříž. Words cannot express my gratitude.🙏🙏🙏I thank KD Kroměříž and Robert Rohál and his amazing team for the flawless operation, media, spirit, gastronomic and technical support. You really are a bomb team. I thank the deputy mayor of Kroměříž, Vit Peštuka, for such a deep introduction, which made me feel he had known me for decades. I really appreciate your precious time and interest. And above all, I would like to thank the talented artist and curator from Olomouc, Helenka Peštuk Sedláčková, for the opening words and verses.

Helena Peštuk Sedláčková

"For Rosana"

We are here alone,

in front of the picture

and it shouts at me!

Do you still have a soul?

What are you looking at me for?

Has it dawned on you yet?

We are deep in it, upto our ears!

I stand quietly. I stare dumbly.

I'm up to my ears in it.

No one anywhere and yet, so much shoutingin my soul...

ROMY & ROSE, 2nd year !!!

We have a lot of beautiful memories and this video proves how lovely the atmosphere at this particular art review was.

Thanks to the State Castle Lysice and its Mrs. castellan Bc. Martina Rudolfová for enabling this wonderful art project in a baroque gem. Thanks to my beloved husband Russell for managing  all from the media to logistics. Thanks to Dejf for helping to prepare the hospitality and organization. Thank you to the gentleman who provided and carried around all the  theeasles for us. Thanks to the castle staff for your support and assistance. Thanks to the team of "Abandoned Cat's Paws" for participation, support and cooperation. Thank you Mrs. Lucka Hlavinková for The Fairy Tale for Julča. Thank you mom for managing it all despite your health. Thanks to everyone who came, but also to those who cheered from afar. And most of all, thank you to Romy Štryncl for another amazing year of ROMY & ROSE 2022!





Auctioned painting of Julinka reached 21,000,- CZK and all the cash goes to animal rescue "Abandoned Cat Paws"

My art lectures at the Mathematical college GMK and exposition

Another splendid idea was born in the heads of lectors at the College of Mikulas Kopernicus.
Art classes for the students aged 15 was a vast success and many wouldn't tell the difference between their works and a production of an erudite artist. Each student has chosen to paint a different portrait and achieve a likeness their own way, with their own technique. My role was to simply show the young people all possible techniques and to nudge them in the right direction. The artworks have been exhibited at the foyer of the college and later at Gallery MonAmi in Bilovec. A great way of sharing my own experience and helping others to embrace their own creativity. A great time!


Oil on canvas 520 x 150cm, year 2022

Wide angle painting dedicated to the spirit of this time.

It will be exhibited on April 6, 2022 in the Passage of Czech Design in the ARTVARIUM project, curated by PhDr. Renáta Mužíková, PhD and the gallery are headed by PhDr. Hana Homolková and Štěpánka Zinkaizlová.

What is behind this triptych?
It's about us as we keep shouting ... For the last 3 years it's been a soda for all of us .... either it's: "mee too", or vax = antivax, or the isis, or the parliament, or the trumpeters, or biden, or pope, or pedophilia, XX-XY-XXZ and divided toilets, or rescue from Kabul, bombed by Israel-Palestine, Ukraine, etc etc ... And it will be worse. And how should a person live a normal life at such a time ???? Probably normally ... calamities probably belong to us. And one day the eternally balanced sanguine Anunaki will return and make an end to our comfort ... and there will be peace.

For overseas sale through Singulart - London/Paris


For sale in EU please get it touch with me.


Mobile Hospice Olomouc

January 2022

For this charity gala I have been asked to donate a painting, which would make the future owner happy and raise money for the people in ultimate need. The friend of the organiser has told me to paint a picture od an ocean, because apparently my collectors love those the most. So ocean it is....

"A MOMENT FOR MY SELF" 100x100cm, oil on 3D canvas, goes to someone with a big heart out there. I wish that person a perpetuating happiness and a great feeling from a good deed done!

Something about the project from the website:

In these days, while we are celebrating our mobile hospice "you are not alone" 5th anniversary of the start of providing our services to children and adult patients in the terminal stage of life. Over the past years, we have succeeded in creating the preconditions for the provision of high-quality care, and our scope has made us one of the most important organizations in our field on a national scale. As an expression of gratitude for your support and cooperation, please welcome our invitation to a charity auction of works of art, which will include a symbolic celebration of our anniversary. Due to the current epidemiological situation, it will take place at the turn of January and February 2022 in the ceremonial hall of the Komenium Elementary School (May 8, 29, Olomouc) and will be accompanied by performances by the Olomouc String Quartet, . The evening is accompanied and the auction will be led by Helena Peštuk Sedláčková. We organize the event thanks to the kind cooperation with the Statutory City of Olomouc. We will be honored if you accept our invitation to participate.

 From the website https://nejstesami.eu


Passage of Czech Design Prague

11.11.2021 - 31.5.2022

Group exhibition in Prague city centre, curated by PhDr. Renáta Mužíková, PhD. and managed by PhDr. Hana Homolková. The selected artists enjoy the full time 24 hrs access in the time of Covid lockdown. The project was started as a response to the current health restrictions and offers the artists boundary-free wide exposure in the heart of the metropole.



Galerie Silvie Kořistkové

11.11.2021 - 11.2.2022

This is an exhibitionof 3 artists united in one privetly owned gallery in the townsqare of Orlová. The destiny has mixed the cards a bit and madethe  completely random individuals meet in one project, where abstractions, cities and steel sculptures meet.

Rosana , has curated an exhibition of Silvie Kořistková in Gallery MonAmi in 2021. Radomír Bárta is a sculptor, who has become Rosana´s close friend, she in turn introduced his artwork into the De Montfort Art collection. All participants share a genuine passion for art that does not succumb to any fashion trend or favourite hit of the year. All 3 create selflessly, fearlessly and unbound.


permanenet exhibition updated by new fresh abstractions for the winter season

Masarykovo nám. 34, 741 01 Nový Jičín



permanenet exhibition updated by new fresh abstractions for the winter season

Dolní nám. 200/2, 779 00 Olomouc



classes at the high school for students as an external tutor


These are the works of 12-year-old children from my painting course at the mathematics high school in Bílovec.

The atmosphere in which these gems were born was as tense as a bowstring! The young artists have dealt with difficult topics and I was afraid they would be disappointed with their own achievements. They weren't. Neither of them made a painting not worth hanging on the wall. We have embraced a wide range of themes from Japan, through the Alps to pop art, village hills, seas and lightning, to dynamic abstractions!

It was very challenging, but it was worth it. My teaching of painting at GMK was an adventure of a lifetime. We will make the paintings review in the spring and surely at some point we will meet in front of the easle again. Thank you.



Group exhibition for the project "SINGLE PARENTS"

5.9.- 5.10.2021

Group exhibition of several artsists, who are participating on the charitable cause, which will benefit single mums, who are the sole earners.

Group's paintings will be found in two venues of this noble baroque castle complex, the vast monastery, which houses large exhibitions, concerts and symposioums, and the antique  chapple, which interiors are the perfect fit for expositions of statues and smaller paintings.

For this occasiona, Rosana is donating a tripple signed painting reproduction "3 WOMEN"

The originals are NOT FOR SALE and the copies are made only 1 time for this specific event. Do you feel like saving lives? This artwork is going to feed several families and pay for school meals for many children. And for that priviledge you get 3WOMEN to mesmerise you for ever.

Inspired by photography and portrait of Lenka Faltejsková


For the CZ/EN readers, he also writes awesome poems, available here:


Inspired by the photography of Karolina Koblen

her IG account: @kkartstuff, @carolinecream, @kkoblen

Depicted by Denerog, his IG account: @captain_denerog

Státní zámek Mníšek pod Brdy
nám. F. X. Svobody 1
252 10 Mníšek pod Brdy




Acknowledgement for the cultural merits in art, representation of the castle and contribution to the town Bílovec

31.of July was the day we opened the castle to the public during the night hours for the Castle Night. The day was dedicated to the organisation of the town hall and its award given to 3 citizens for their representational merit. One of them was Rosana de Montfort, who was awarded a "Award of the city Bílovec" for her activities in art, representation of the Château Bílovec and its projects and for the representation of the town in art projects and activities.

The award was received with thanks to the town hall and the curatorium of the Château Bílovec , the collaborators including Galerie MonAmi and many visitors and art lovers, who show their continuous support.


Rosana  & Russell 'GITHYANKI' de Montfort at Château Kunín 18.07.2021

Exposition is held at Kunín Castle as part of the project of the National Monuments Institute "Year of the Enlightened Nobility".

The gallery spaces of the Baroque mansion, which are intertwined with fantastic unique chimney systems, will for a time be home to works by the British-Czech couple. Images inspired by magical cities and wandering in the fantasy world now unite them in a common artistic path. The name INTERWORLDS comes from the field of activity, where the works of both intertwines, and where the mutual influence in the choice of techniques, compositions and colours is evident.

Russell a.k.a. Githyanki has always devoted his creative time to black and white photography. The transition towards colour and canvas has taken place during the hard lockdown in 2020, where he diverted his attention towards an activity, which will widen his field of expression and also give his frustration with the situation an outlet. His colourful acrylics are works of mind unmarked by popular views or trends in art and therefore highly intuitive and genuine. Paintings arising in this period of his life are full of hope, optimistic colours and freedom.

Rosana's expressive cityscapes and abstractions are walking hand in hand with Russell's theme, creating so a world, where both meet on the canvas.
The couple also led a group of volunteers during an artisitc workshop in the antique bowlong gazebo showing , that everybody can create art without boundaries, criticism or fear of failure. Atendees of this workshop were 2-65 years old and had a lot of fun!

The exhibition takes place during the visiting hours of the castle season from June until the end of October 2021.

Chateau Kunín

Zámek Kunín, Kunín 1, 742 53 Kunín



Rosana de Montfort and Romy Štryncl at Chateau Bílovec in the newly opened gallery 12.06.2021

When two women of a simmilar ilk meet, it usually leeds to an interesting arrangement. The destiny of Romy Štryncl and Rosana reaches back to year 1991, where they have met for the first time at the beaty pageant contest MISS CZECHOSLOVAKIA. After 30 years the two unite the step in the artistic project called ROMY&ROSE, which is an art exhibition and bennecifial auction.

Romy has painted a picture of cat named BELKA, who has been auctioned for wonderful 50.000 CZK (2300 USD). The winnings will go entirely to the Kočičí dům u Mourečka, depozitum Cat World z.s.

Failry tale for Belka

* initiation of the aution for Kočičí dům u Mourečka, depozitum Cat World z.s.

* cherished godmother Tanja (from the hard rock band called Citron)

* fairytale written by Lucie Hlavinková

Romy's website: www.stryncl.cz

Chateau Bílovec

Zámecká 660, 743 01 Bílovec



Graphic art for an exceptionally gifted author Darren Baker and his new book: "Crusaders and Revolutionaries of the Thirteenth Century: De Montfort"

Born in California, Darren Baker took his degree in modern and classical languages at the University of Conneticut. He lives with his wife and children in the Czech Republic, where he writes and translates. His biographies include Henry III: The Great King England Never Knew It Had (The History Press, 2017), Simon de Montfort and the Rise of the English Nation (Amberley, 2018) and The Two Eleanors of Henry III (Pen and Sword Books, 2019).

Not only can I be proud of his literary finesse which he puts into his every word, but also to consider him our friend. The main theme of the graphic made for this book will be also made to a large size painting, which will remain in family posession.

Here you can order your own copy:



Course of 10 creative lessons for participants of all ages at  Gallery MonAmi

Because I believe everyone can be an artist, I prepared a charitable 10 ninety-minute art lessons under my guidance.
Lesson topics:
1. The meaning of light, shadow, their composition and the connection with the emotional mood
2. The colors we feel and why? What is color contrast?
3. Weight of geometry and its application in painting-drawing
4. Abstraction, computability, or chance?
5. Painting according to individual feeling
6. Still life and objects in it
7. Landscape and peripheral painting
8. Cities, streets and architecture
9. Portrait and soul in it
10. Free creation


Painting of an old masterpiece and its  blessing at the Chateau Bílovec

After 80 years, the painting of the Blessed Ceslaus, O.P (Czesław Odrowąż, patron of the Sedlnitzky family) will return to the Bílovec chateau to protect this ancient aristocratic mansion. Thanks to the combined forces of Mr. Castellan Eduard Valeš and the renowned painter Rosana de Montfort this task will now materialise. A blissful idea to return the painting of the bl. Ceslaus back to the chateau was born at the end of this summer, when the chateau acquired a beautiful baroque frame into its collections. A frame without a picture is already asking for a valuable piece of art.

The task, albeit difficult, was taken up by the painter Rosana de Montfort, who after 27 years abroad has returned to the Czech homeland. She has been painting since the age of four and it was the study of the old masters that led her to a successful artistic future.

It was at the very same chateau in Bílovice that she had an exhibition of her paintings this year, showing not only modern works but also paintings in the nostalgic style of ancient centuries.

The picture is over 2 meters tall and is painted with oil paints on linnen. Unfortunately, only smaller digital photograph is used for the reproduction, however as the work progresses, the image will be very close to the original. The whole process lasted 4 months and is approaching the grand finale.
On December 7, 2019, the Dean of Bílovec P. Ing. Mgr. Lumír Tkáč will bless the painting after it has been revealed. After that the members of the Chateau Bílovec Guard hang the picture in its place in the Great Dining Room of the Chateau, where the picture of the patron of the Sedlnitzky family will be presented to the public and become part of the chateau collections.


13.06.2020 at 14:00- Paintings review at the Bílovec Castle (CZ) for the 10th jubelee


Paintings review in Martin Café in the heart of Nový Jičín (CZ) 13.12.2019 at 17:00

The collection of nostalgic and romantic paintings  will be shown in one of the most beautiful places in the Moravian-Silesian Region, in the Baroque Nový Jičín. The following companies will support the event:

. https://www.facebook.com/martincafecz/




https://www.facebook.com/studio365.models/ http://www.studio365.eu/




https://www.facebook.com/optikalenka/ http://www.optikalenka.cz/


Peter Brandl Gallery specializes in the sale of exclusive works of art. Being founded at the beginning of the nineties it was one of Prague´s first private galleries focusing mainly on European classical painting from the 17th to the 20th century.

During the past several years Petr Brandl Gallery realised a number of exceptional aquisitons having now on display masterpieces by leading Czech and European painters and sculptors. Petr Brandl Gallery has also sold works of art to prominent public collections. Since 2011 Petr Brandl Gallery resides at the very heart of Prague and occupies new exhibitional areas of Franciscan cloister in Jugmann Square. The two-floor space of 300 square meters houses a collection of valuable Czech, Austrian, German, French, Italian and other European works of art. (from the gallery website)



From 01.06.2019 exposition in Olomouc, Dolní Náměstí 2, in a brand new Wine Bar called Pod Pálavou. The establishment is in the heart of the city centre, right on the Lower Square in a historical vaulted premises. The paintings enhance the modern quirky feel of the interiors and form a more permanent fixture of this space until further notice.

If you enjoy art, a good glass of wine and brilliant service do not hesitate and make a stop right there! Here the link to their facebook page...


12.09. - 06.11.2019 (starting with a verni at 17:00)

Brušperk is an ancient town in the heart of Northern Moravia. Exposition of paintings in the oldest Public House in the country will be conceptuated as a battle between what we were and what we are becoming.

Who knows me a bit more will discover, that I love giving unwanted and unloved ideologies, dreams and objects a new lease of life. Some of these painting represent the nostalgia of the romantic past.

Second and contradicting part is the revelations of feeling I have about our future. Being environment aware, I see the logical path we walk on, which is demonstrated in my canvases.


27.04. - 27.08.2019

"Last opportunity to see the entire collection at once"

The generous premises of Chateau Bílovec provides for several atmospheres at once.


The castle Theatre Café will offer more permanent home for the collection of paintings, which are in classical style, targeting more conservative art collectors and fitting very well within the castle rustic interior. These paintings are usually framed in lovingly restored gilded antique frames and the themes are of a more romantic flavour, pleasing the everyday-spectators, who will include the unique piece in their everyday life.


The top floor, specifically the music hall and auditorium, will host the temporary collection, which in its measurements and neo-surrealist style offers a fully different vision and perhaps an exclusive insight into the mind of the creator. The paintings are themed in fantasque flavour, keeping in touch with hints of street art, comics and sci-fi.




Interview with Naďa Čvančarová from the radio station ČESKÝ ROZHLAS about the life long journey through virtual worlds and final closure of the circle in the process of return home after almost 3 decades abroad.

Current exhibitions for 2019 are a rewiew and a look back at the international experience, which she reflects in her art. Returning to her native roots brings with itself time of clarity, peace and focus on new visions to be captured.


21.02.2019 - 25.03.201

Nádražní 3136/138A,  702 00 Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz

Meeting with tutors andlectors after 30 years can be very surprising. Retracing the footsteps of myprofessor, Akad. mal. Karel Žaluda, who taught me from the age of 4, Idiscovered this gallery in the old mill house. Considering we have just boughtan old farm, which had a very similar charm, I have enquired about my first bigexposition in the Czech republic after spending almost 3 decades away.

Crowds were pouring in andI have experienced a very warm welcome by people, who luckily haven’t changedmuch. Many thanks to the curator of the Gallery Mill, Eduard Riedl, for an impeccablepresentation and many thanks to Mr. Neuwirt for his wonderful installation andthe two ladies at the reception, who looked after my guests. It was a greatevent!


"ICE LAKE CITY" will travel across the pond!

We have had multiple orders on this painting and considering its technique, it will be rather hard to replicate it. Perhaps the interested parties will find another darling to purchase or be happy to wait for a simmilar painting like this one to be born.

For now, "ICE LAKE CITY" goes to United States shortly after it had its floating frame fitted!

"LEAP OF FAITH" is leaving us!

Saatchi Art has found a new home for this giant. It is going across the whole world to Australia. The crate for this massive painting was built by the local wood works made to measure to ensure a safe transport. The symbolic of this painting is very significant, as some people see in it the reverse mirroring image of a Tarot Card of "The Hang Man", which symbolises a change in life, total turnaround and a vision from the opposite angle.

I personally see the painting as a logical result of an impulse of change in my life, where I aim to approach so far not exercised need to challenge my visions I want to paint. It is the answer to our so many questions of what to do with ourselves, and the answer is simply: "We cannot know the answer to all we question as it would kill us. We need to trust the universe, god or whatever leads our steps".